In 1918 we knitted uniforms for the Doughboys in the Great War. In the 70's it was velvet for your Elvis painting. So sure, it makes sense that in 1981 we invented the world's first synthetic fleece.

After over 100 New England winters, it’s no wonder a little Yankee ingenuity would invent a whole new kind of fabric. Warmer, lighter, and far more durable, we called this revelation PolarFleece. And it sure worked. Like wicked good. A new fabric that literally changed what we wear when we go outside. So much so, it became a fashion icon and a look synonymous with 80’s outdoor life. I dare you to find an 80’s teen ski flick that doesn’t have a healthy dose of neon fleece. Go on, get rad. We'll wait.

Made by Polartec®, the descendent of over 100 years of knitting and milling fabric, their double velour Post-Consumer Recycled fleece is the best milled fleece on the planet. From this legacy of milling wool and upholstery, Polartec is now part of a process that creates highly technical performance fabrics used by the world’s leading brands, athletes, and armed services. Performance fabric don’t get much better than this. Fleece definitely doesn't get any better than this.

From our space in, you guessed it, an old mill, we’ve returned to designing and building finished garments, cut and sewn right here in New England. A place where we know a bit about staying warm, staying comfortable, and stoking revolution. Actually, it's what we do.